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Meet the Owners

Kenneth & Peggy Woods

Kenneth is the oldest son of 12 children. He married his beautiful wife Peggy in 1982. They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren! Although he has had many ups and downs in life Kenny has held tightly to his faith and has also been a Baptist minister since 2001.

You may or may not remember the freeze of 1989, but unfortunately it is one they cannot forget. Kenny and Peggy leased orange groves in Florida, but the freeze destroyed their crops and caused them to go bankrupt. They relocated to Kentucky and started over. They even hauled watermelons from Florida and Georgia to sell just to make ends meets. (Kenny can literally sell anything) After a few rough years spent getting back on their feet, Kenny finally found his niche. He opened a gun and pawn shop, held gun shows across Kentucky, AND became one of the largest gun dealers between Lexington, KY and Knoxville, TN.

Unfortunately his successful business soon came tumbling down when the coal business bottomed out. Obviously this was a major hit to their livelihood. In 2014 Kenny started a pallet store and by 2017 he started selling on eBay. Finally, Catchndealz was launched on October 5, 2020. As you can tell, Kenny never let the bad times out weigh the good. No matter the situation, he made the best of it with what he had and refused to quit trying to provide for his family.

Kenneth (Boo) & Kyra Woods

Boo Woods is the son of Kenneth and Peggy Woods. He married his gorgeous high school sweetheart, Kyra, in 2006. They have 3 children together. Growing up he excelled in sports, especially basketball at Oneida Baptist Institute. He is in the top 10 for highest percentage of 3 pointers on KHSAA. He was also a professional fisherman as an adult and fished in the FLW and The Bassmasters.

As you can tell, not being the best wasn’t an option. However, when he was 8 years old he made his first mistake while at a gun show. Kenny gave him a handful of knives to sell, told him what he bought them for, and sent Boo on his way. After a while he came back without the knives. When Kenny asked what he sold them for he told him that he sold them for the price Kenny had paid. That was his first lesson in trading. Thankfully his skills in selling and trading have improved tremendously. His perseverance and “never give up” attitude has really helped get him to where he is today.

Needless to say, both Kenny and Boo are incredible businessmen who love the Lord and give all the glory to Him for their successful business ventures!